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Welcome To Tom and Jerry's Roofing

About Us

Tom Stratton and Jerry Jerabek started in Roofing after finishing High School and they have spent their entire adult lives in the Roofing Industry. What started as a College Job has made them experts in the roofing field today. Tom and Jerry learned each aspect of the profession by doing the job personally. They have both worked as ground men, shingle layers, repair techs, problem solvers as well as sales. While Tom and Jerry’s Roofing is a new company, they have both worked as roofing Sales / Technician Trainers, Quality Controllers for the largest roofing companies in Georgia. While working for these great companies, once they turned into massive corporations Tom and Jerry realized that many problems were created due to the volume of work and therefore lack of customer service. They decided to do something about it and start their own roofing company with prompt quality customer service and attention to detail, making sure their clients were never just treated like another number. When homeowners have an urgent situation, they should not have to wait for weeks to have the work done. Tom and Jerry understand that anxiety is real when it comes to property damage or roof leaks, and they take this seriously and bottom line they do what is necessary to resolve the issues. All their customers are valuable and a priority. Tom and Jerry sincerely care about their customers, and they will always strive to provide superior service.