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Skylight Repair

Is your skylight difficult to operate? Does it rattle or not close properly?



Clouded, cracked and leaking skylights can be repaired. Why replace when we can repair and restore your skylight to brand new condition?



We understand that when renovating your home, you expect the best results from the professionals in your area. That is exactly why at Tom and Jerry’s Roofing, we have assembled a team of the finest skylight repair and installation experts in GA, and the surrounding area. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality skylight repair service at an affordable rate so that you’re left delighted with your refurbished skylight.


A skylight that is not installed properly can cause extensive damage to your roof and attic, mold in your insulation and walls, and even ruin flooring—not to mention it can let in cold air.

Our trusted repair professionals can assess and perform repairs on all brand names of skylights. Some of the most common types of skylight repairs we perform include replacement hinges, latches, and handles, resealing, and glass replacement. In addition to regular skylight repair services, we also perform preventative maintenance.

Our skylight repair technicians will also make sure your existing framing is in working order, or install a completely new frame, as needed. We’ll tighten any loose screws or bolts that may be causing your skylight to rattle. We’ll also reseal the interior layer of sealant and replace any damaged flashing (the black material that protects the skylight from ice and water).

Considering skylight replacement? Give us a call today!