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Importance of Skylight Repair for Home Renovation

Skylight repair is a necessary aspect of home renovation. It helps to maintain the aesthetic appeal and optimal functioning of your home. Skylights provide an excellent source of natural light. These can transform the ambiance of any room. However, with constant exposure to weather elements, skylights may become damaged or malfunction. This can lead to water leaks, broken seals, or damage to the interior of your home. It is essential to have your skylights repaired promptly to prevent these issues. A professional repair service can assess the problem and provide a solution, whether it is replacing a broken seal or replacing the entire skylight. It’s essential to do routine maintenance and repairs to retain your skylights functioning correctly and looking great. Skylight repair is an important part of remodeling a house. It should be addressed as soon as any problems arise to prevent further damage. It will ensure the optimal performance of your home.

Professional Skylight Repair Services by Tom and Jerry's Roofing

Skylights are a crucial part of any home. They provide natural light. A beautiful skylight increases the aesthetic appeal of the property. However, when skylights malfunction, they can cause severe damage. They can create a host of problems for homeowners. This is where Tom and Jerry’s Roofing comes in. We offer top-notch skylight repair services. We ensure that your skylights are functioning at their best. Repairing and rebuilding skylights is in our blood. Tom & Jerry’s Roofing has a great deal of experience in this field. We’ll reassure you that your property is in capable hands. Maybe you need to fix a leaky skylight. Or you want to replace a broken seal or repair a damaged frame. Our team is knowledgeable and skilled. We can complete the task successfully. We are a trusted skylight repair company in the Benton County area. We provide both residential and business clients with a variety of skylight repair services. Call us right now to set up a meeting. Let us help you keep your skylights functioning correctly and looking great!

Commercial Skylight Replacement Services in Atlanta

Skylight leaks are a common problem. Don’t leave them unrepaired. They could cause extensive damage to your home. Everyone needs skylight repair service at some point. Maybe you have a skylight leak. It must be corrected as quickly as possible in order to stop additional harm. Our experienced staff has the capability and knowledge. We can quickly and effectively repair any leaks. We ensure that your house is still shielded from the elements. We also offer commercial skylight replacement services for businesses in the Atlanta area. Maybe your commercial space is in need of a new skylight. We can assist you in making the best decision for your requirements. It can be a fixed or vented skylight. Our savvy team will double-check that the skylight is installed correctly or not. So, you can enjoy natural light in your space without worrying about leaks or other issues. Another common problem that many homeowners face is difficulty operating their skylights. This can be due to worn-out hinges, latches, or handles. Our veteran team can quickly assess the issue and perform any necessary repairs. You will enjoy the smooth and effortless operation of your skylight once again.

Skylight Repair Benton County: Preventative Maintenance for Optimal Skylight Functioning

In addition to regular skylight repair Benton County services, we also offer preventative maintenance to keep your skylight functioning optimally. Our professional workers will tighten any loose screws or bolts. We also reseal the interior layer of sealant. We do replace any damaged flashing to protect your skylight from ice and water. Tom and Jerry’s Roofing believes that skylights should be an asset, not a liability. Our knowledgeable personnel will make sure your skylight is functioning properly and looks great. You will enjoy the benefits of natural light in your home or business after our work. Our expert staff can guide you in choosing the top option if you’re considering skylight replacement. We’ll assess the condition of your current skylight. We also offer advice on whether a repair or replacement is necessary. We’ll help you to choose the right skylight for your needs and budget. You will enjoy natural light in your space without worrying about repairs or replacements in the future.

Skylight Repair Benton County: Maintaining the Beauty and Functionality of Your Home

Skylight repair Benton County is essential for maintaining the beauty and functionality of your home. Skylight leaks can be frustrating. But with proper skylight leak repair, we can fix the problem and keep your skylight functioning properly. In order to effectively repair skylights, it’s critical to pinpoint the leak’s source. We provide helpful tips and information on skylight repair. Also, we can take care of your skylights and keep your home comfortable and inviting.

The First Step in a Skylight Leak Repair

The first step in a skylight leak repair is to pinpoint the source of the problem. You may see water dripping from your skylight. It is better to place something under the drip to catch the water. Tom and Jerry’s Roofing will examine the skylight to determine where the leak originates. This may require a ladder to get a close-up view from inside the room. One common cause of skylight leaks is condensation. This occurs when moisture collects on the glass and drips from certain points. The best remedy for condensation is to improve ventilation. Sometimes skylight does not want to open. At this moment we use a fan to improve air circulation. We will go on the roof and clear obstructions from the weep holes. These small openings enable moisture to drain. These are located at the bottom of the skylight frame. Clearing these obstructions will prevent the skylight glass from clouding up.

Common Causes of Skylight Leaks: You Need Skylight Repair or Replace

Another cause of skylight leaks is a faulty skylight. You need a skylight repair or replacement in this case. The skylight may be opened. You have to look for mildew or degradation in the rubber gasket that surrounds the frame. Tom & Jerry’s Roofing will do this for you. Call us right now if you notice these symptoms. Maybe your skylight is not completely sealed. This allows moisture to seep in between the glass casing and the frame. We can easily repair this. We will replace the gasket. You may also find debris there. It can also prevent the skylight from closing all the way. Removing this debris may stop the leak. You should contact us if you find a cracked section of the skylight. We will replace the entire skylight. It is usually not possible to repair a cracked skylight. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Tom & Jerry’s roofing can give you expert assistance. We are the finest skylight repair company.

Faulty Roof Flashing as a Cause of Skylight Leaks: We Can Do Skylight Leak Repair

Faulty roof flashing is another cause of skylight leaks. Tom and Jerry’s Roofing do skylight leak repair efficiently. You may have eliminated condensation and skylight defects as causes of the leak. But the water still can come through the roof. This may be a result of water leaking through the flashing’s seal or from underneath the flashing itself. The water may come from the upper part of the roof slope. Then it is easier to diagnose and repair than if it is coming from the lower part. This is because water tends to travel along the roof decking, making a leak from the lower part harder to diagnose. Hurry up! Call us now for the coolest skylight repair services.

Using the Right Sealant for Roof Flashing Repairs: Skylight Leak Repair

The next step is to climb onto the roof and patch a leak caused by bad roof flashing using a caulk gun and the proper sealant. It is a hard job. But Tom and Jerry’s Roofing can do this job swiftly. In skylight leak repair, it is recommended to use sealant specifically designed for roof flashing, such as Loctite Roof & Flashing Sealant. We may find that the existing sealant has chipped or crumbled away from exposed flashing. We will remove all the loose pieces by using a putty knife and put a fresh bead of sealant on the vulnerable area. Also, we will remove the shingles in order to check the flashing components that are flush with the roof. We put plenty of sealant on the flashing’s edges. Also, we pay specific attention to the area around the skylight’s head on the top section of the roof.

Tom and Jerry's Roofing: Expert Skylight Repair Benton County Solutions

Tom and Jerry’s Roofing is a leading skylight repair Benton County company. We have a longstanding experience in this sector. Our team of experts are well equipped and trained. We can tackle any issue that might arise with your skylight. The leaking of water from the skylights is one of the most prevalent issues. Homeowners can feel that. It could be frustrating to go through this. It’s possible that you won’t be able to locate the leak’s origin. But our professional roofers can help you resolve this issue in no time. Identifying the leak’s source is the first step. Oftentimes, the water comes from the flashing. This is the area around the skylight where the roof meets the glass. The next step is to reseal the flashing in this case. Our team of experts can go on your roof utilizing a caulking gun. We use the proper sealant to make the necessary repairs.

Pinpointing the Source of the Skylight Leak: Get Professional Help for Skylight Repair Benton County

When it comes to repairing roof flashing, it’s crucial to utilize a sealant which is intended for the task at hand. There are other types of sealants, also. These are butyl and silicone. These may not be suitable for this type of repair. Loctite Roof & Flashing Sealant is a popular option. We recommend this for its ability to provide a strong and long-lasting bond to roof flashing. Our team will take care of any damage to the existing sealant by removing any loose bits and applying a fresh bead of sealant to the exposed area. This will help ensure a secure and water-tight bond between the roof and flashing, reducing the risk of leaks and other potential damage to your roof. Overall, using the right type of sealant for roof flashing is a crucial step in ensuring a successful repair and protecting your roof from future damage. If you need any kind of help regarding skylight repair Benton County services, call us now!

Peeling Back Shingles for a Thorough Skylight Leak Repair

Skylight leak repair is common nowadays. In order to examine the parts of the flashing that sit flush against the roof, it may be necessary to peel back the shingles. Our team will apply the sealant generously to the edges of the flashing, paying special attention to the head of the skylight on the upper part of the roof. This is a crucial procedure because any water dripping from a lower area of the skylight might flow down and drop beneath the flashing at the top. If the damage to your skylight is more severe, it may be necessary to reinstall the flashing. Quality skylights come with flashing that is leak proof when installed correctly. However, if you notice nails, deteriorated or rusting flashing, or gaps in the step flashing along the sides of the skylight frame, it’s probably best to redo the flashing. 

Professional Skylight Repair Services from Tom and Jerry's Roofing

Tom and Jerry’s Roofing always emphasizes the importance of hiring a reputable and experienced contractor. A professional contractor can handle skylight repair projects easily. Tom And Jerry’s Roofing can swiftly tackle the complexity and criticality of this type of repair work. It requires specialized knowledge and skills to ensure its successful completion. The proper installation of flashing around a skylight is crucial to prevent water leaks and protect the interior of the building from water damage. The flashing should be installed correctly. If not, then water can seep through the roof. The building’s structure and contents will suffer severe damage as a result. So, it’s better to invest in the services of a professional contractor. Tom and Jerry’s Roofing can do the job right the first time. You will feel relaxed after our work. The repair work will be performed to the highest standards. Your property will be protected from further damage. Hiring a vetted contractor may come with an extra expense. But it’s a negligible cost for the protection and longevity of your property.

The Importance of Quality Flashing for Skylights: Commercial Skylight Repair Atlanta

Tom and Jerry’s Roofing provides top-notch skylight repair services in Benton County and commercial skylight repair Atlanta services. We have a team of experts. We repair and restore skylights professionally. We offer various skylight repair services. These are: 


  • Fixing leaks
  • Replacing broken seals
  • Repairing damaged frames
  • Preventing water damage


We also offer preventative maintenance to keep skylights functioning optimally. In addition, we provide commercial skylight replacement services for businesses. We can help you choose the right skylight. Maybe it is a fixed or vented skylight. We ensure that it is installed properly. To arrange a meeting, reach out to us right away and keep your skylights functioning properly and looking great. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Tom and Jerry’s Roofing. We, the finest skylight repair Benton County company, will provide you with the best solution to repair your skylight and prevent any further leaks from occurring. Contact us today and schedule an appointment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Skylight repair refers to fixing any issues or problems with skylights. Such as:


  • Leaks 
  • Broken seals
  • Damage to the frame 


This is important as it helps to maintain the aesthetic appeal and optimal functioning of a home or commercial space. Skylights are a source of natural light. But if they become damaged, they can cause water leaks. Also, they can harm the interior of the building. Regular servicing and upgrades are important to keep skylights functioning properly and prevent further damage.

Tom and Jerry’s Roofing offers a range of skylight repair Benton County services. We have services for both residential and commercial clients in the Benton County area. Some of our services are:


  • Fixing leaky skylights 
  • Replacing broken seals 
  • Repairing damaged frames
  • Preventative maintenance to keep skylights functioning optimally


We have years of experience. We will provide a solution to any skylight problems you may have.

Skylights can bring in natural light and enhance the appearance of a space. But they also come with some common problems. They can cause serious damage if left unrepaired. At that time, you need a veteran skylight repair company, Tom and Jerry’s Roofing. Leaks are one of the most common issues with skylights. They can allow water to enter the building. Also, they can destroy the floors, ceilings, and walls. Broken seals can also cause leaks. They can result in air infiltration. It can lead to high energy bills and decreased indoor comfort. Condensation is another common problem with skylights. It can form on the glass and cause unsightly streaks and spots. It also causes mold growth. Additionally, worn-out hinges, latches, or handles can make it difficult to operate the skylight, which can reduce its energy-saving benefits and its ability to bring in natural light. It’s crucial to routinely get it inspected and serviced to prevent these issues and keep a skylight in good working order.

To determine the source of a skylight leak, place something under the drip to catch the water. Then examine the skylight. The skylight leak repair requires a ladder to get a close-up view from inside the room. You can also go on the roof and clear obstructions from the weep holes, which allow water to drain from the skylight. But we suggest not doing it by yourself. Leave it to the professionals like us. Tom and Jerry’s Roofing will do the job professionally.

Tom and Jerry’s Roofing understands the importance of having a functional skylight for commercial properties in Atlanta. Our team of professionals provides a comprehensive commercial skylight replacement service. We always ensure that businesses get the best possible results. We take into consideration the specific requirements of each commercial property. We also offer many options for the skylight to choose from. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we ensure that the chosen skylight is properly installed to meet the desired performance levels. This helps businesses save energy costs, increase natural light in space, and create a more comfortable working environment for employees. Trust Tom and Jerry’s Roofing for your commercial skylight replacement needs and experience a hassle-free process.

Skylights are an important aspect of a building’s design. They bring natural light and fresh air into the room. However, skylights can become a source of leaks and damage without proper maintenance. Preventative maintenance for skylights is crucial to keep them functioning optimally. It also protects skylights against leaks and damage from ice and water. This involves: 


  • Tightening any loose screws or bolts
  • Resealing the interior layer of sealant
  • Replacing any damaged flashing


The lifespan of skylights can be increased with routine preventative maintenance. Also, it inevitably saves time and money. The reason is that potential leaks and damage can be addressed before they become a bigger issue. Call Tom and Jerry’s Roofing for professional skylight repair services.

Tom and Jerry’s Roofing provides helpful tips and information on skylight repair. Homeowners can take care of their skylights with this. You can maintain the beauty and functionality of your home with Tom and Jerry’s Roofing services. Our information may include the following: 


  • how to identify the source of a leak
  • how to improve ventilation
  • how to perform preventative maintenance


Obviously, it will depend on your roofing conditions. It is better not to do the repair by yourself. Call Tom and Jerry’s Roofing for professional skylight repair services.

Repair or replacement of a damaged skylight will depend on many factors. You have to see the extent of the damage and the age of the skylight. A repair may be sufficient if the damage is minimal and the skylight is relatively new. But a replacement may be necessary if the damage is extensive or the skylight is old. It is better to call professionals to judge this. Tom and Jerry’s Roofing will quickly give you the results.

Skylight repairs can cost anything from a few hundred bucks to several thousand dollars. It depends on the degree of harm and the type of repair needed. For instance, if the damage is minimal, the repair cost may be relatively low. Like, a small crack or leak. But the cost of repair will be more if the damage is severe. Like, a broken glass panel or a damaged frame. The type of material used for the skylight also affects the skylight repair cost. Repairing a skylight made of wood will cost less than repairing one made of metal. You can consult with a professional roofing company for an accurate quote. Tom and Jerry’s Roofing specializes in skylight repair Benton County services. We will assess the damage and recommend the appropriate repair solution. We also provide a detailed estimate of the cost.

The warranty on skylight repairs is an important factor. It is crucial when choosing a company for skylight repair services. Depending on the firm, the warranty’s terms and duration may differ. Know more information about the warranty offered by Tom and Jerry’s Roofing. You can reach out to us between Monday to Friday.  Our hours are 8 AM to 5 PM. You can either call our customer service at 1 770-374-4423 or send an email to tomandjerrysroofing@gmail.com. With a reliable warranty, you will feel relaxed. Your repair work is backed by our company. We ensure that you won’t have to pay for any additional repairs in the future.